foods vitamin d rich to fight depression

When summer begins to say farewell, we start to notice how the days get shorter. The sun goes down earlier and without that extra vitamin D, you may be experiencing feelings of sadness, depression or anxiety. Try not to freak out with the loss of sunlight! There are many steps you can take in order to improve your current mood, including reducing depression and improving your mental health without the use of antidepressants. (Always consult with your doctor before taking yourself off of any prescribed medications).

The first being exercise. If you are feeling a little down, do yourself a favor and go for a walk, hike, hit the gym, or something else along those lines. A Harvard University study found that exercise is just as effective as Zoloft (an anti-depressant medication). This study is unique in that it examined people with slight depression as well as severe depression.

Sunlight is another key factor to internal happiness. If you live in a climate that has short sunlight hours and many, many foggy, rainy and cloudy days, you may feel a little more down and out than other people. For people experiencing this, purchasing a sunlight may do you some good! These lights are great while you’re at home, at the office, etc. You can turn it on and get all the happy, anti-depressing vitamin D you need, all while being able to accomplish your daily tasks.

Watch your diet and stay away from sugar. Sugar is awful for people who are prone to depression. It can boost you up, but then slam you back down incredibly quickly. It’s bad for your glucose metabolism, not to mention it takes a ton of Vitamin B in order to process your sugar, deflecting it away from its original job: regulating your mood. Sugar will cause you to sink further down into the hole so try to avoid it.

If you are feeling more than just a little down and out, try out these methods. If they don’t seem to be working for you, it’s time to get help. Find a psychologist or visit our chiropractor at Olson Chiropractic today for more information on how you can become a better you; physically and mentally.


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