healthy foods to eat to gain more energy

There are many ways to get your energy back! Studies show that 9 out of 10 people want more energy, but they don’t think they have the time or resources to get it. Want to know a little secret? You have both! Let’s drop the “quick fixes” that only create temporary results. We are thinking long-term here… And it starts with Cortisol.

Cortisol is your stress hormone. It needs some maintenance, upkeep, and a bit of love! With the stress you may be feeling on a daily basis, your Cortisol levels could possibly be in over drive at this point. Cortisol levels are important to boost your mood, weight, sex and energy hormones. Being more energized can improve your overall lifestyle so much. Your mood, patience, sleep, concentration, weight and sex drive can all be bettered, enhanced and elevated with higher energy levels. If we hit the nail on the head with what you’re wanting, keep these tips in mind to starting a healthier and much more energetic lifestyle:

Up your B vitamin intake! B Vitamins are known for producing healthy red blood cells that are needed for pretty much anything you can name in the body. They help with the maintenance of your brain cells, your metabolism of carbs, not to mention it’s your brains main source of fuel. Red blood cells can turn our food into the energy and power we need to function throughout the day and they’re also considered neurotransmitters. What are neurotransmitters you say? They are in charge of regulating your mood and help send and receive messages throughout the brain. You can get those extra B vitamins from leafy greens, nuts, seeds, lean meats, and fish.

Have you ever heard of Maca? Maca is magical. It has actually been used for centuries in order to naturally regulate your cortisol levels. This amazing powder supplement can easily be tossed into your morning yogurt or smoothie if you’re looking for that extra energy. Not only that, Maca improves mood, memory, sleep and libido. Start out with ½-1 teaspoon at first.

Detox your body of sugar. It sounds much more intimidating and frightening than it actually is. Unfortunately, sugar adds absolutely no nutritional value to your body and steals your energy away. Ever heard of the “sugar crash”? That’s the sugar in your body stealing all the B Vitamins, causing you to be even more tired and irritable than you already were! Also… don’t be fooled by artificial sweeteners. Aspartame, found in many artificial sweeteners, is a “chlorinated” sugar and known carcinogen that creates inflammation in the body causing wrinkles.

Visit our chiropractor. At Olson Chiropractic, we can give you the best nutritional and exercise tips you need for a healthier and more energetic perspective on life. Years of training and a holistic approach to health allows us to spread the nutritional knowledge you are seeking for more energy. Don’t hesitate, call (925) 338-8811 today!


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